Retail Retreat

A new era of retail experience
The Ekana Mall will boast of an impressive lineup of brands for a complete shopping experience. From fashion brands & lifestyle venues to supermarkets, the mall will be home to numerous local & international brands. With a plethora of retail outlets, each offering diversity & variety, The Ekana Mall will be the finest retail resort for everyone in your family

Food Court

Epicurean delights served with a smile
Offering choice, value for money and rapid service, the upcoming food court at The Ekana mall will offer quick bites to guests who want to relish on the go.

Nightlife Avenues

Vibes of a cosmopolitan life
Ekana Mall’s pub will provide a lavish clubbing experience in Lucknow. Revel in the eclectic mix of lights, music and ambience, epitomizing the true spirit of party animals.

Grande Gondolas

A Venetian of leisure
Presenting world class facilities beyond the ordinary, The Ekana Mall’s Gondola ride will be a prime attraction. Set amidst the superlative construction of grand architecture, this one of a kind ride is a relaxing disposition of Ekana’s prowess. Discover the Italian magic with serene waterways and your loved ones while deciding on the retail options at the mall.

Opulent Diners

Culinary classics for an Epicurean delight
A huge spectrum of food & beverage outlets at The Ekana Mall will soon be all set to serve a diverse range of patrons at The Ekana Mall. With the best of local & international cuisines, along with unmatched service, quality and ambience, our gastronomic centres will bring the world to your plate with a refined gesture.

Playzones & Rides

Thrill of joy for your little ones
An ideal play-centre for kids, The Ekana mall will provide a fun platform for children with amusements rides and play areas at the facility. A safe, secure and jovial experience, make every moment fun and memorable with your children.

Gaming Arcades

A world of competitive gaming
A daytime diversion like no other, explore Ekana Mall’s gaming arcade with video games for a friendly competition. Whether for virtual racing or bowling, in for a few minutes or a whole day, our premium gaming lounge will stimulate wholesome attractions through an emotionally enriching gaming environment.

Massive Multiplexes

An emmersive zone of entertainment
In addition to the exciting and extensive repertoire of outlets, The Ekana mall will also be home to multi theatres meant for sheer entertainment. The state-of-the-art Cineplex is a complete family zone where you can kick back and enjoy a flick while indulging in a variety of fast foods.

Luxurious Lounges

Luxuriate in leisure
Traverse through conversations in a carefree setting with the lounge at Ekana mall. A plush conclave of comfort, style and an extensive choice of savouries to indulge in, unwind with friends & family right at the heart of the opulent facility.

Rejuvenating Spa

A Reclusive from inside outside
Experience the art of relaxation and rejuvenation at Ekana’s Ayurvedic Spa centre. Attaining expertise in this age-old therapy, our authentic Ayurvedic treatments are a life transforming experience that helps to refresh, revitalize and completely de-stress your body naturally.

Commercial Spaces

A plush environ for successful endeavours
Push beyond success with Ekana’s commercial spaces meant to suit medium to large scale companies with diverse work requirements. Crafted to perfection with refined setting, these spaces are being designed to promote creativity as well as productivity.

Rooftop Resto-Bar

Sky-high view with a palette
Set to be an ultimate dining and recreational experience, the rooftop restaurant & sky bar at The Ekana Mall will be distinguished for exceptional service and elegant atmosphere with a view of the skyline.

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